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At the Academy of Bioelectric Meridian Massage Australia (ABMMA), we're leading the way in Bioelectric Meridian Therapy and training. As Australia’s only accredited trainer, we are at the forefront of introducing Australians and the world to a new pathway to wellbeing.

What is Bioelectric Meridian Therapy?

Bioelectric Meridian Therapy (BMT) is a revolutionary technique that supercharges the body’s natural healing process. BMT uses the body’s natural bioelectricity to clear the meridian pathways. This process helps to stimulate nerves and cells, increase circulation and energy (Qi) flow, and regulate the body’s natural pH level.

Combining Traditional Chinese Medicine beliefs with western technology, BMT combines the best of both worlds and is regarded as revolutionary in its advantages by traditional Chinese therapy masters.

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How does BMT benefit our bodies?

Watch this short video as we explain how Bioelectric Meridian Therapy benefits imbalances in the body.

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