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A revolutionary therapy.

Bioelectric Meridian Therapy is a revolutionary technique using the body’s natural bioelectricity to improve general wellbeing, organ health and promote functional movement.

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Our leading courses are designed for both experienced health practitioners expanding their practice and safe personal use for beginners.

Revolutionary therapy

BMT is the next generation in preventative health and functional movement.

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We’re Australia’s leader in Bioelectric Meridian Therapy training.

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Expand your skills for professional practice or personal use at home, in just one weekend.

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ABMMA is leading the way in Bioelectric Meridian Therapy and training. As Australia’s only accredited trainer, we provide you with industry-leading courses and training to learn this revolutionary therapy and improve the health and wellbeing of yourself, your family, and your patients.


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BMT@Home (Course + Device Kit)

BMT@Home is a gentle, safe and easy to learn therapy for personal and family wellbeing.

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Intro to Pain Neuroscience (Short Course)

A short course exploring the science of pain and application for the therapist.

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What our students say

Hear the experiences of our students with Bioelectric Meridian Therapy.

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"The results have been amazing."

Using BMT @Home for self-treatment for me and my daughter has been great to take my health into my own hands.

~ Jade

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